Walking in a Data Wonderland…

This Christmas, we will make a gift to all of us and promote a great opportunity to do good for both social organizations and social innovation by utilizing modern data analysis.

Dear customers, partners & friends,

Throughout the year we provide data science and digital technologies to help companies remain sustainable and successful. What hardly becomes public through this: Many of our employees contribute even in their free time to the work of those who could not otherwise benefit from these opportunities.

In the good spirit of the Christmas season as well as our own, we dedicate this year’ s last contribution completely to this great idea. Once again in 2019, we will not give any of the usual presents, but instead donate the budget to the German branch of “Data Science for Social Good” (DSSG) in Berlin.

The initiative brings together data scientists, data analysts and non-profit organizations to explore the potential of modern data analysis for charitable work, to process data and to apply it in a meaningful way. In so-called datathons, social institutions receive professional support and helpful insights on a pro bono basis.

We wish the committed data activists a lot of energy for an open and livable society. And to all of you Merry Christmas and only the best for a happy, healthy and successful New Year 2020!

Your *umTeam

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