*umerryXmas: enjoy the holidays and do good with data

We wish you a very happy christmas and all the best for 2019!

Dear customers, partners & friends,

The possibilities of digitisation and free access to data networks have become a decisive factor for the work and success of companies and organisations. Most of our time we contribute to it with our expertise and ideas. Our last contribution this year – in the good spirit of the Christmas season – is based on a special idea: to help those for whom free access is anything but guaranteed.

This year, as in previous ones, we will not be making the usual presents. Instead, we are using the budget to support Freifunk. The non-profit initiative has set out to counteract the digital divide and provide socially equitable access to information on the Internet. It is part of a worldwide movement for free infrastructures and open data frequencies. Its volunteer members spend their knowledge and time educating about freedom of communication and empowering people to build their own networks to strengthen local social structures. Its long-term goal is the democratization of communication media through free networks.

We wish the committed activists a lot of enthusiasm and energy. And to all of you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and only the best for a healthy and successful 2019!

Your *umTeam