The Internet of Trust: *um and Ubirch cooperate

Unbelievable Machine and Ubirch realize a strategic partnership for the highly secure transmission, storage and processing of sensitive #data from #IIoT applications

The unbelievable Machine Company (*um) and Ubirch establish a strategic partnership for the highly secure transmission, storage and processing of sensitive corporate data from IIoT applications. Customers thus benefit from trustworthy data along the entire digital route.

As an independent full-service provider for big data, cloud services and managed hosting, we contribute our expertise and infrastructure to the partnership. Ubirch, specialist for blockchain-based technologies for securing IoT devices, contributes state-of-the-art data security options.

Uniquely secure data

Unbelievable Machine creates the foundations and applications to make data from and to companies accessible – and usable in large quantities and from different sources. Ubirch complements these services with its highly secure solution for streaming enterprise data from industrial IoT sensors.

The Ubirch solution seals IoT data immediately after a measurement and stores an unfalsifiable log file in the blockchain. In addition, the sensor data is then hosted, processed and managed by *um. Thereby a particular focus lies on 5G applications and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Entire data lifecycle covered

“Ubirch and Unbelievable Machine are two top providers that combine their high-quality services and hence create unique synergies,” explains *um founder and CEO Ravin Mehta. “We cover the entire data lifecycle. Together we are turning the Internet of Things into the Internet of Trust”.

Ubirch CEO Stephan Noller adds: “For the first time, companies will benefit from maximum quality and security along the entire data link. Sensitive data is transmitted, stored and processed in a highly secure manner”.

The offer is aimed both at machine builders who need to equip their systems with secure IIoT sensors and at factory operators and industrial manufacturers who want to go into networked production.

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