Study proven: Use of machine learning increases tenfold

#Study proves: Use of #MachineLearning increases tenfold within the next four years

By now, half of the companies in Germany are actively involved in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Within two years, the share of companies has doubled. In the next four years, a tenfold increase in the share of value added is predicted. This is the result of an extensive study we recently published in cooperation with Crisp Research and Dell EMC. 

Industry 4.0 is long since reality

Meanwhile, artificial intelligence and machine learning have become part of German industry and are used in more and more application areas. Their degree of planning and application is increasing continuously, as is the share of added value in digital products and solutions.

Half of German companies (50 percent) are already actively involved in machine learning. Two years ago, this share was 28 percent. More than every fifth company (22 percent) is already using machine learning productively in its operations.

Funds at hand

Almost half of the decision-makers (44 percent) assume that machine learning will account for more than 20 percent of the added value of new digital products and services in the next two years. For the 100 top-selling German companies alone, this corresponds to around 61 billion euros in 2020.

By 2022, a tenfold increase in the value share is expected, which corresponds to about a quarter of the digital value added of German corporations and underpins the strategic relevance for digitization and competitiveness.

Accordingly, the realization that there are hardly any budget restrictions for machine learning projects is conclusive: More than half of the companies (56 percent) have access to full digitization budgets. After all, 40 percent of companies currently have clearly dedicated budgets. However, the enormous potential of AI and machine learning is far from exhausted.

Study available for download

More than 150 IT and business decision-makers from medium-sized companies and corporations in various industries were interviewed in March and April 2018 for the joint study “Machine Learning in German Companies – Operation and Application of Artificial Intelligence”. It provides decision-makers and managers with an empirically sound overview of integration into products and services. And it shows how companies organize their operations and which applications are now based on machine learning or will be in the future.