Radioeins broadcasts re:publica special – in this *um explains Big Data

Berlin-based radio station ‘radioeins’ is a media partner of the re:publica 2015. As with last year, it accompanies the three-day long net festival with a series of editorial contribution. To mark the start it broadcasted an interview on April 27, addressing one of the big themes of the event – with one of the most important minds in data science.

“How does Big Data work?”

“Until 2003 a total of 5,000 billion gigabytes of data were generated by mankind, in 2011 the same amount already fell in 48 hours, now we need the same amount of data only seven minutes.” And: “For a long time data was considered as a waste once they had served their immediate purpose.” With impressive figures the feature describes the dimensions of its subject. In order to explain what that means, radioeins reporter Micha Hoelzen took “a trip to the big data players of Berlin” and met at first none other than “the Count” of *um: our Chief Data Scientist Klaas Bollhoefer.

“Bollhoefer elaborates how Big Data opens the door to new spaces of knowledge.”

“Data represent the world in many ways”, Klaas Bollhoefer explains in his interview. Produced by all of us and present in huge amounts, they are “a tangible part of our reality that needs to be carefully examined.” This is exactly what Big Data does – without having to know in the run-up, what it is actually seeking for. The object is to recognize patterns and correlations within the data and to provide new insight and indications, that probably could not have been gained otherwise.

“We recognize that the ‘epistemic space’ is growing.”

You can find the complete interview and all the features of the series on the radioeins website. Available only in German. During the re:publica you will learn what Big Data is able to achieve with its gained insights, what dangers lurk in the “mountains of data” and how the permanent data streams will change our society. Turn on the radio!