Visualisierung benutzerdefinierter Daten mit Google Data Studio

NERD STUFF #5: Visualization of customized data with Google Data Studio

Visualisierung benutzerdefinierter Daten mit Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio offers the possibility to combine different data sources and display them in interactive, visually appealing dashboards. In this paper, we discuss which use cases it is suitable for, the challenges that arise and how they can be solved.

Matthias Heise, team lead at the Unbelievable Machine Company in Viennese office, was facing a challenge when combining and understanding data from different heterogeneous sources and sharing insights with others. Simply copying a batch of data or running a hardly to maintain script was out of the question. So he was looking for a better way to create reports that would allow the visualization of the latest findings and easy adjustment of such whilst retrieving live data.

While searching for a proper solution, he came across Google Data Studio (GDS). A powerful and free tool, as he says, originally developed to visualize and better comprehend Google Analytics data. Today, GDS can connect to a variety of traditional data sources and seamlessly integrates with all data storages of the Google Cloud Platform. However, the real challenge is to incorporate non-standard data sources. 

To date, Matthias has extensively studied data integration and visualization in GDS and tested its possibilities and limitations. In the process, he has encountered numerous use cases with recurring demands and challenges, which he now describes in a detailed article, including approaches to solutions and effects on the respective code.

“Visualizing your custom data in Google Data Studio” serves less as a coding guideline than as a decision aid as to whether and how a custom connector can be implemented for GDS.

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