NERD STUFF #4: Session Manager – Access to On-prem Hardware via AWS

In the era of the hybrid cloud, there are use cases where it can make sense to control local servers from the cloud via AWS. When, why and above all how this works is described in this paper.

Data management is no longer performed either locally by on-premises hardware or on cloud-based servers, but increasingly in hybrid environments that integrate both of them. This is a well-known fact and requires little explanation – but in specific cases, there is a need for solutions when it comes to handling these systems.

After all: Cloud providers, in this case AWS, offer numerous tools to manage servers and above all to keep them in a defined state. And for machines hosted by AWS, this works perfectly because they are integrated seamlessly. However, the tools that can be used for this purpose have been expanded more and more in recent years and now enable the central administration of the entire machine pool. On-premises and in the cloud. We talk about hybrid cloud computing par excellence.

However, there are also special scenarios where it can be useful and advantageous to use AWS to manage on-premises hardware. The following training situation is an example:

The trainer: “And now please log on to the machine via SSH.” Keyboard clacking. After a few minutes, a participant: “Erm, my laptop always logs into the company VPN automatically and from there we have no access via SSH.” A good quarter of an hour later, the trainer had procured a training laptop and the training could continue.

A problem like this could have been easily avoided if the on-premises server had also been managed via AWS.

Christian Hufgard, Data Architect at The unbelievable Machine Company, has created a solution for just such a problem. In his article “Session Manager: Accessing On-Premises Hardware via AWS” he describes in detail the advantages and disadvantages. The complete article including step-by-step instructions can be downloaded here.

[Download article for free]

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