NERD STUFF #3: Control a Free WiFi Access Point via AWS

NERD STUFF #3: Control a Freifunk Access Point via AWS

Free WLAN has become a standard service in the gastronomy industry. Its clear purpose is to encourage guests to linger. But not after business hours. In our paper we explain how this can be achieved.

Today, restaurateurs have numerous possibilities to set up and offer a freely usable Wifi for guests. One of them – which also makes a clear statement – is the use of Freifunk. The non-commercial, non-profit initiative is part of a worldwide movement for the democratization of communication media, free infrastructures and open mobile frequencies.

Christian Hufgard, *um Data Architect und Freifunk activist, has recently installed a freely usable WLAN based on freefunk at a friendly restaurateur. When it turned out that there were still people on the terrace long after closing time, he became active a second time. The task was to find a solution that would enable access to be switched on and off. The best way was to use an app from a mobile device, inexpensively and with little effort.

Spoiler: He has succeeded! Christian Hufgard explains in the NERD STUFF #3 how he did it and which components he used.

The complete article “Controlling a Freifunk Access Point via AWS: WLAN for all, but not all the time” can be downloaded here:


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