NERD STUFF #2: Automation makes cloud computing more efficient than ever

Unbelievable Machine says: Automation makes cloud computing more efficient than ever – Cloud Deployment Automation, Infrastructure as Code

Cloud computing, the use of external IT infrastructure and services, can be used efficiently and effectively nowadays – via automation. In our current paper we explain the advantages of cloud automation and what needs to be considered.

Externally available servers and infrastructure, provided and scalable according to demand, and all this at a manageable cost – for numerous reasons, cloud computing is the IT technology of the hour.

In order to fully benefit from this, it is advisable to go one step further and automate the processes of cloud computing. Cloud automation improves flexibility and utilization of available resources and frees administrators from standard tasks. In the best case scenario, the processes of user management, provisioning and configuring cloud resources are also automated.

Stefan Bauer, System Architect in Operations, explains via NERD STUFF #2 how it works. 

The complete article “Ultimate efficiency in cloud computing: cloud deployment automation & infrastructure as code” can be downloaded here:


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