Let’s talk about responsible handling of data – as we recently did at the Berlin University of the Arts

As specialists we are intensely engaged in dealing with data and information. Thus we know that many things are possible but, however, not everything is well and good. Data protection laws, important though they may be, can only frame the topic – but still leave many questions unanswered: What is allowed? What should be allowed? What should be forbidden? In this respect, there are various voices and different positions and arguments.


We at *um are just one of these voices and we engage in broad discussion with the others. We maintain our critical look and use the possibility to share our expert knowledge – not only between experts but especially in open rounds with different participants like philosophers, journalists, students, and other interested persons.

This is what happened at the University of the Arts in Berlin last November. The course of studies “leadership in digital communication” had invited to the panel discussion “Infobesity – Meaning Is The Message” which our data scientist Florian Dohmann joined. Now a short documentation has been released, showing his and the other illustrious guests’ views on the subject. Available only in German.