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Challenge accepted: How to setup your multicloud strategy

The enterprise of the future needs the cloud. A multicloud provides the necessary flexibility and innovation to move companies forward. Find out why now is the right time to develop your own multicloud strategy.

The Corona Crisis has changed the business world forever. We are in the midst of an accelerated evolution to a multi-connected and collaborative world where business functions without physical contact anytime, anywhere. A “touchless economy.” Given this background, many strategies – including those that are already digital – have had to be adapted or completely reinvented.

The company of the future needs the cloud

The current crisis makes clear what was not yet obvious to everyone: there is no way around digital transformation. This is because it opens up new growth opportunities and chances to develop new sources of revenue. In this process, an agile and adaptable digital strategy, supported by a digital platform with all the key capabilities such as the cloud, is essential for the flexibility and long-term competitiveness of companies through continuous innovation.

The cloud has significantly helped companies in the Corona era to do this by facilitating and enabling home office, agile business processes and external digital engagement. We ourselves have found that our customers who already rely on resilient and elastic cloud-based digital infrastructures were particularly able to benefit from these arrangements during this period.

These examples show that the cloud has long since established itself as a crucial platform for next-generation digital business models. It is therefore hardly surprising that investment in the cloud is increasing despite a global economic downturn. IDC predicts that this trend will continue. If so, the market can be expected to be worth around $105 billion by 2024. Moreover, according to industry experts, by 2022, 80 percent of enterprise revenue growth will depend on digital offerings – and the cloud is the key enabler for delivering those offerings.

The flexible business needs multiple clouds

Many companies now rely on the simultaneous use of two or more public clouds from different providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, often in conjunction with remaining on-prem solutions. In other words, they are taking a multicloud approach, laying the groundwork for the necessary hyperconnectivity.

There are many reasons for this. For example, the use of multiple cloud services avoids a so-called vendor lock-in, i.e. dependence on a single provider. Above all, it opens up flexible and needs-based access to user functions, applications and computing infrastructures, especially since some cloud environments are better suited to specific tasks than others. In addition, there are even potential savings, as certain services may be cheaper with one provider.

Multicloud use alone is not a strategy

Managing multiple providers in a single environment quickly becomes a complex undertaking and requires oversight and coordination. What’s more, leveraging the dynamic nature of the cloud effectively and sustainably requires a well thought-out strategy. Otherwise, there is a risk of quickly losing control and getting lost in a confusing conglomeration of unmanaged and expensive clouds.

A sustainable multicloud strategy is a journey that requires step-by-step transparent implementation. It has to integrate the mindset for the new “touchless economy,” empower businesses and employees alike in a comprehensive way, and provide the skills, tools, and policies to safely embrace the new digital opportunities.

However, this also means that existing strategies need to be partially rethought. Not just as needed, for example to be more resilient in times of crisis, but possibly completely new to be better prepared for the future.

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