ISG Studie: Unbelievable Machine und Orange sind Triple-Sieger unter den Cloud-Lösungsanbietern //

ISG Study: Unbelievable Machine and Orange are Triple Winners among Cloud Solution Providers

ISG Studie: Unbelievable Machine und Orange sind Triple-Sieger unter den Cloud-Lösungsanbietern //

The unbelievable Machine Company has been awarded three top ratings in the cloud disciplines of ISG provider Lens 2019/2020: As Rising Star in the field “Public Cloud – Solutions & Service Partners” as well as a Leader and a Challenger in the field “AWS Competency by Solution”.

Shortly after the honoring as a Leader in the groundbreaking category “Data Analytics Services & Solutions”, *um ranks once more to the top in one of the industry’s most important provider comparisons: The Information Services Group (ISG) regularly conducts extensive analyses in selected focal topics for the Provider Lens and delivers detailed information about the competencies of service and technology providers, including their positioning in the market environment. This is largely based on quantitative data and consists of survey data collected directly from vendors, ISG internally and through secondary research. Furthermore, the analysts’ assessments are included.

1. Managed Public Cloud Services for Large Accounts

Source: ISG Research 2019

In the category “Managed Public Cloud Services for Large Accounts” the analysts named us a “Rising Star” positioned closely on the Leader Quadrant. This is justified by the clear development of Orange Business Services (OBS) into a global player with a comprehensive range of end-to-end IT and integration services – and The unbelievable Machine Company (*um) as a subsidiary and yet independent provider with pronounced expertise in IoT, cloud, data and AI, application development and cyber security.

ISG’s analysts initially assess our Managed Service competencies as strengths: “In Germany, *um offers 24/7 services for Internet applications as well as professional operation, expansion and continuous optimization of the system landscape. Customers receive profound support and the associated monitoring by a qualified team that embraces agile operating methods such as DevOps and Kanban.

Furthermore, our cloud partnerships and our focus on analytics are mentioned: “OBS and *um are AWS Advanced Consulting Partners as well as Cloud Solution Providers for Microsoft and Azure and offer corresponding Managed Services. Analytics and data science competencies are of particular importance to numerous customers.”

In particular, it is also emphasized that “reality and vision go hand in hand” and that Orange Business Services relies on proven experts for its managed services as well as its cloud and analytics consulting services in Germany: “*um established a reputation as a long-standing specialist in the market. OBS has also developed a well-founded, production-oriented roadmap based on the acquisition of IT service management companies.”

You can find the complete study with detailed explanation, accompanied by numerous others, in the analysis database of Orange Business Services.

2. AWS Competency by Solution: Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Source: ISG Research 2019

As a recently named Data Analytics and Machine Learning Leader 2019/2020, we are “a leading full-service provider of data analytics transformation services and a competent AWS partner for consulting services,” according to Provider Lens. Operating at eye level with Accenture, Capgemini, Atos and DXC.

Among other things, the ISG analysts base their classification on our broad range of services: “The portfolio includes the architecture, development and operation of data lakes for storing, processing and rolling out data for NoSQL technologies such as Hadoop, Cassandra, etc. The Data Science team works closely with the engineers to develop software solutions.”

And further: “With AWS, the company can boast renowned references: For the development and operations of partly worldwide Data Lakes on AWS, *um can refer to renowned reference customers from the DAX sector”.

The complete study with detailed explanation was published at the end of November.

3. AWS Competency by Solution: Migration and Container

Source: ISG Research 2019

The third top award also relates to our market positioning and our expertise as a solution provider within the AWS ecosystem. In the category “Migration and Containers”, we are rated as an AWS competence partner that offers comprehensive support for the execution of workloads on containers with its technology solutions. “The product or solution can be integrated with AWS services in a way that improves the ability of the AWS customer to run workload using containers in AWS.”

At this point, we are still a challenger and also positioned directly on the leader quadrant, at eye level for instance with Deloitte and Computacenter. The complete study with detailed explanation was published mid-December.

Awards prove clout and substance

“We are very excited about the repeated and cumulative awards – along with the profound ratings from ISG’s analysts, who have an overall view of the market and insights in all areas,” says Ravin Mehta, CEO of Unbelievable Machine. “The results fully confirm our decision to be part of Orange Business Services. The combination of technological expertise and pan-European infrastructure creates a unique common substance and clout of our services from which our customers benefit more than ever”. Let’s move on!

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