*um offers extended cloud services

Hybrid Clouds are the next step in increasing the flexibility of storage and processing capacity

TUM PM5 HybridCloud_Illu

Timed perfectly to coincide with the return to work after the summer break (our customers' summer break, that is; we work right through), we can now offer even more flexibility in the use of cloud computing and big data solutions. Our own dedicated hardware means that *um customers can now expand their exclusively operated IT environments simply and securely to include the resources provided by the *umCloud. Hybrid clouds that evolve in this way introduce not only the needs-based use of special hardware; they are also a further step towards more environmentally responsible technologies (green IT).

The demand for processing capacity is growing

The performance requirements of modern web applications call for ever-increasing processing capacity for the seamless provision of these services. At the same time the scalability, which means the ability to expand the capacity, of companies' internal servers is limited on both technical and financial grounds. As the demand for effective external solutions has grown in line with this, we are now offering the hybrid cloud solution *umCloudConnect in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to complement the classic *umCloud.

The hybrid cloud bundles capabilities, yet remains flexible

A hybrid cloud enables our customers to expand their exclusively built IT environments (their private clouds) to include the processing capacity of the *umCloud. This integration takes place as required, e.g., as a cache or web server. A fail-safe service is ensured through dedicated, specifically allocated customer servers within the *um data centres. This allows our customers to benefit from the economical, horizontal scalability of their processing capacity. In contrast to the services offered by the competition, integration in *umCloudConnect takes place via direct signal transmission, which avoids the comparatively unstable routing through the Internet, at the same time minimizing latency. To counteract load peaks, we are also the only German cloud computing service provider to offer flexible vertical scalability through the dynamic upgrading of hardware in the IT environment purchased.

Intelligent use of resources – good for the wallet and the environment

The new service provides a flexible, economical alternative for applications with a high processing load such as database management or big data applications. In addition, the needs-based expansion of the customer's processing capacity by using the *umCloud is an important step on the way to green IT; this flexible expansion avoids the creation of energy-intensive surplus capacity and ensures that hardware is used exactly as required for current processing needs at any time, ensuring the more effective use of resources. A pleasant side effect of this: what's good for the environment is also good for the wallet, because we bill only for the processing capacity that is actually used.