451 Research recommends *um as one of the most important German cloud providers

Earlier this year, 451 Research has awarded us as "innovative, unique, and a compelling alternative to international providers". Now the experts have taken the additional step and call us an "innovative newcomer" among the few relevant, regional cloud providers in Germany.


451 Research, one of the leading international IT market research and consulting firms, provides end users, service providers and investors worldwide timely insight into market activity and competitive trends in IT innovation and upcoming technologies. Their Annual Report 2014 took a close look at our service offers and key figures. The results have been as clear as pleasing. Now they have published a recent analysis dealing with "The State of the European Public Cloud Market". (Executive Summary here.)

Clouds over EMEA: forecast for Europe

451 Research begins by postulating significantly changed attitudes towards cloud services within a short period: "A year ago, startups, early adopters, and test and development professionals were the key markets for European public cloud service providers. Now, there is evidence that corporate IT departments in EMEA are starting to consider public cloud more formally as part of their digital infrastructures."

Illustrating this development with figures, the experts predict that "spending on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in EMEA will rise from $1.6bn in 2014 to $2.2bn in 2015, and is expected to climb to $2.9bn by the end of 2016. Western Europe still represents over 80% of the market and service providers."

"Although concerns about privacy and EU data protection remain," 451 Research says elsewhere in the analysis, "a clearer understanding of legislative requirements and the practical considerations of shared services is apparent." At the same time more and more companies realize the advantages of the external provision of applications "in a scalable, flexible, cost-effective way," while the provider landscape has changed and expanded to include emerging new players.

Specific case Germany: a lot of potential, a few good providers

The German market is described in as a special one. "While Germany has the biggest market potential for public cloud services, it also has a relatively low number of regional providers" who can operate it. According to 451 Research, this is not surprising, "as Germany has been the nexus of European concern around data privacy and multi-tenant services" and is representing at the same time the highest legal requirements.


*um among the "serious few"

There is, however, noticeable movement on the German market, the analysis concludes. Apart from established firms like T-Systems, and United Internet's ProfitBricks, 451 Research mentions some few "innovative newcomers" which show that public cloud is emerging in a significant way. Notably including The unbelievable Machine Company and its Managed Cloud hosting.


ADDENDUM: We, too, are concerned about the safety of pure public cloud solutions and services freely accessible for everyone on the internet. Thus it is worth emphasizing: *um is not a public cloud provider in the strict sense. According to the "exclusive cloud principle" our *umCloud services are taking place on dedicated, specifically allocated customer servers within the *um data centres. We know all of the users of the platform.

In addition, we offer a Hybrid Cloud solution as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). It enables our customers to expand their exclusively built IT environments – their private (!) clouds – to include the processing capacity of the *umCloud. This integration takes place as required. As well a fail-safe service is ensured through dedicated, specifically allocated customer servers within the *um data centres.

As 451 Research rightly says in the table (Figure 5), we are offering the Managed Cloud: a unique cloud environment with a full-service package that includes not only exclusive, individual servers operated just for the customer, but also expert support for the applications running on them.

In this respect, we are pleased with the special mention.