Hadoop Ecosystem

The optim*um service

  • Design, development and management of Hadoop-based software projects and infrastructures
  • Preparation of the market-leading framework for analyzing large volumes of data in a fully efficient way and in any size you require
  • Dynamic creation of Hadoop clusters using *umDMR (Dynamic Map/Reduce) for Hadoop in the cloud (Hadoop as a Service)
  • Planung, Installation und Betrieb von Hadoop Clustern sowie individuelle Konzeption oder Umsetzung von Referenzarchitekturen der großen Hardware-Anbieter (Managed Hadoop)

What makes *um better?

We’ve made Hadoop ready for enterprise. Our knowledge comes from both our award-winning projects for prestigious customers and the regular, efficient operation of many different Hadoop architectures. These are located either in the highly secure environment of our own data center or onsite with the customers – either way, we always work in accordance with the stringent German and European data protection regulations.

Free Hadoop test for professionals

Do you already have experience with big data projects? Is Hadoop 2 the next logical step for you? Then try out our Hadoop 2 cluster now – free of charge!

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