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*um on tour: dates & events in September 2016

We have a jam-packed schedule coming up this fall. In September the *um experts are spanning the whole of Germany to contribute to new interesting events about all aspects of data, IT and future technologies. See you there!

Win a TEDx VIP ticket and join the *umTeam

TED conferences go all the way back to the 1980s. The three letters literally stand for Technology, Entertainment and Design, but in reality they represent a worldwide community that collects and promotes ideas from all academic disciplines and social spheres. More recently, TEDx events – local spin-offs of the non-profit conferences – are being independently organized […]

digital excellence conference 2016: Keynote from *um

Digitalization is turning our world upside down, and we are witnesses to this transformation. Whether it is the financial economy, communication, manufacturing, transport, logistics or e-commerce, our business processes and production processes are becoming ever smarter and more connected. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning, all sectors are seeing remarkable added […]

Awesome Data Thinkers – new roles and new skills for the Data Enterprise

Big Data and Data Science are established and well understood, but the demands on them have grown significantly. The objective of companies is no longer only to translate data into business value, but to become digitally sovereign and sustainably successful. This requires a new role with awesome skills: the Data Thinker. Here is a definition.

*um on tour: dates & events in November 2016

Both the calendar year and the event season are gradually coming their respective ends. But before things all quieten down you still have the chance to meet us at seven exciting events in November. Knowledge and networking, anyone? 

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) has arrived – who is it, exactly?

Digital development and the targeted use of data are the critical factors in the success of companies these days. They must to be prioritized. Some advanced companies have already recognized this, have made it an issue for senior management and have created a new position called the Chief Data Officer (CDO). But what does the […]

*um goes Public Cloud Services: Managed Services for AWS and Azure

We are expanding our portfolio. As an official partner of AWS and Azure, we are now also guiding companies into the public cloud. This makes us the first German IT service provider to offer managed services for solutions from both AWS and Azure, as well as support the entire value-added chain in cloud computing: consultation, […]