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*um Service Provider for new DSSD D5 by EMC

Data is known as the new commodity. The success of more and more companies is dependent on how well, how quickly and how reliably they are able to process and analyze large data volumes. That is why EMC has spent the last five years designing a new solution that will leave all other storage technologies […]

Data Thinking: Making digitalization a successful reality

In a recent blog post introducing Data Thinking, we described a modernized way of thinking which companies need in order to start and continue their own digital development. We presented it based on the fundamental methodology of a unique process model called the Data Leadership Process Model, and now it is time to explain how […]

Study results: Big Data use not yet effectively targeted or profitable

The number of companies using Big Data analyses has increased exponentially over the past two years. However, the in-house resources, expertise, and practical strategies needed to see significant gains in terms of usefulness and profitability are still lacking, according to the results of two recent surveys. We took a closer look to make sense of […]

Data Thinking: The emergence of the digitally sovereign company

Having introduced you to Data Thinking, we then outlined how it leads to the development of specific Data Solutions – all represented by the Data Leadership Process Model. In this blog post we will now continue this process model and explain how Data Solutions can be implemented and how digital ways of thinking and acting […]

Data Thinking: Welcome to the digitally sovereign company

Successful digitalization within a company starts with Data Thinking and progresses, through the development of concrete Data Solutions and the implementation of these solutions, to a fully digital way of thinking and acting. All of these steps form part of the Data Leadership Process Model we described in previous posts. The final stage in this model describes how to bring the process […]

Art 2.0 on ARTE: Artificial intelligence as an artistic muse

Our very recent blog series unraveled the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and in three steps highlighted the influence of film and fiction, the real effects on the labor market, and the difference between mechanical and artificial intelligence. Now we will expand our analysis even further and ask: Can AI also be creative? The prestigious […]