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Predictive Maintenance: How data experts use anomaly detection to prevent machine failures

Predictive maintenance helps companies avoid expensive machine and system failures and allows timely ordering of spare parts. Dr. Olivia Lewis, Head of Data Science at The Unbelievable Machine Company, talks in an interview about entry barriers, necessary data know-how, and the opportunities for manufacturers presented by predictive maintenance.

Safety first: Certified security as a customer benefit – Interview with René Beiler

Visual royalty-free @ pexels.com With the increasing possibilities of digitalization, the requirements and customer expectations in terms of information security, data protection and compliance are on the rise as well. More than ever, companies are obliged to prove their diligence and trustworthiness. We asked René Beiler, Chief Information Security Officer at *um, how certificates can […]

Five drivers of success for the data-driven company

 Visual royalty-free @ pexels.com Data management is one of today’s most important strategic instruments for companies striving to make the best possible timely decisions and to assert themselves successfully in the digitalized world. We outline five key factors and provide even more helpful tips for transforming into a data-driven enterprise.