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COVID-19 from a Data Science Perspective

The current figures and statistics on COVID-19 sometimes differ so widely that it is difficult to draw conclusions about actual infection and mortality rates. But in fact, these are the crucial factor for effective and appropriate measures. Daniel Haake is using all of his data scientific knowledge and comes to valid conclusions.

World-class public e-administration in Norway

Norway is one of the world’s leading nations in the digitisation of public administration. Especially now, in times of lockdown and the necessary availability, its citizens are benefiting from this. For quite some time Basefarm has been making a significant contribution to this process.

Corona and AI: Ravin Mehta on digital exit strategies out of the crisis

Not only does Corona infect people, but entire companies, sectors and industries. In view of this, digital-based business and its technologies are proving to be more important than ever. Especially with its contributions to automation and artificial intelligence. A few days ago, the trade magazine iBusiness asked *um founder and managing director Ravin Mehta a […]