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Die Samhammer AG (SAG) ist ein international agierender Full-Service-Dienstleister mit innovativen Lösungen in den Bereichen e-Commerce, Call Center, Terminal Service, Helpdesk und Service Consulting.

We didn’t want just any service provider to run the ATD platform for us. We wanted a partner who was also a leading data specialist. They needed to cover all of our requirements from Big Data consulting to implementation to managing the ATD platform. The unbelievable Machine Company was able to focus on the needs of the solution and satisfy all of our requirements.
- Thomas Hellerich, COO bei der Samhammer AG

Diese Case Study gibt Einblicke in die erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit von SAG, HP und *um:
"Samhammer AG halves time-to- solution with *um’s Hadoop-as-a- Service on HPE ProLiant server"